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Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction

    The first one of the National 5A-level Tourism Destination in East area of Guangdong Province—Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction, is situated in the hometown of marshal Ye Jianying. Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction just like a pearl came from natural, which was showing a beautiful picture with idyllic intoxicating to this world. While you are walking into the Hakka-style Yearning Tea Plantation you needn't any reasons about legend, since it is a real place that is more beautiful, more plentiful and more touching.
    Visiting Yearning Tea Plantation, you can feel like the Hakka culture's long history, the tea culture's extensive and profound, and the tourism culture's beautiful and ecological environmentally. There is Weilong Hotel and Weilong Restaurant that have got the top of National Construction Prize --- Luban. About here, you can feel the perfect combination of Hakka cuisine and Hakka performances, you can also enjoy the sentimental landscapes.
    Visiting Yearning Tea Plantation, you can linger over acres of tea fields and the beauty scene of Longnashan eco-region. You can also felt about the elegant art performances about tea-making, while you are filling in the beautiful garden art and flowers. According to them, you would be aware of the essence of tea culture.
    Visiting Yearning Tea Plantation, it is allows you to escape the bustle of the city and breathe fresh air to loosen up yourself. From them, you would listen to insects and birds singing, smelling the fragrance of flowers, experience about natural and enjoy your life to slacken.
    You are welcome to come over to Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction!

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